Experts’ guide to most common types of websites.

Experts' guide to most common types of websites

With over 1.74 billion websites on the Internet as of 2020, it is important for web designers and marketeers understand the most common types of websites.

Building a website can be tricky. Above all, figuring out user needs, is important for the success of a business. Therefore, dividing these websites into categories, gives us a clear formula of building one.


1. Blogs

Blogs contain casual or personal content showcasing updated articles, stories, videos, and photos. In addition, brands and service experts create blogs to provide information and thought-promotion about their industry.

Frequently, blog websites also have comments sections where visitors can respond to a article.

If you are looking to start your own blog, or can come in handy. However, if you want a more personalized blog with your own domain name and hosting, is a very popular free alternative.


2. Corporate Websites

A website which represents a brand or company and provide information about it on the internet is a corporate website. Further, it can also have an online shop for a product company or booking dates for a service-based company.

The purpose of a corporate website can be diverse. Therefore, it is important to have clear goals before building one.

  • Kind of relationships you are hoping to build with your customer.
  • Role of the website in making any sales.
  • How big will the website be?

Some good examples of Corporate website are Mondelez, Retail Group, US Bank, HSBC, Sony, SAP, Diamler. In addition, the PDF of Bowen Craggs Index gives a detailed summery of corporate websites.


3. Social Media websites

Social Media websites helps people to share content and opinion in real time. For instance, Facebook is a social media where you can upload your photos and videos and comment on them.

They are generally public websites. Although different social media websites have different rules and process of interaction, but the common goal of all of them is to bring people together.

Some commonly used social media websites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Dribbble.

social media
social media

4. Personal websites

Personal website can be an online diary where someone can share their ideas, thoughts, hobbies, interests, feelings with the world. For instance it can be a about family, friends, self-written books, poems, pets etc.

Reasons for creating personal websites can be many. People like to talk about themselves and share with others who they are.

Wedding sites, Memorial sites, sites about people’s pets, personal vacation website are all examples of personal websites.


5. Video and online TV

Videos are the most engaging form of content. Websites where you can watch videos and TV shows online are video websites.

Websites like YouTube and Netflix have revolutionized how we view content online. YouTube is now the most viewed website after Google.

Most Online TV and streaming websites have a subscription plan to watch the original content. In addition there are websites like Twitch where you can livestream your games.

Here are some popular websites like YouTube. In addition, here are some websites like Netflix offering original premium content.

Video and online TV
Video and online TV

6. Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce websites offers buying and selling of goods and services online. Further, it also involves the transfer of money and information.

Ecommerce websites can have different business models. But the most popular business model the ecommerce websites follows are Business to Consumer(B2C) and Consumer to Consumer(C2C) models.

Amazon, FlipKart, eBay, Ali Baba are all examples of ecommerce sites following the B2C model.

Ecommerce websites can be a single seller or multi-seller, meaning one or more than one seller can sell their products.,, are examples of websites selling physical products. Similarly, websites like, sells different services.


7. Wiki and Knowledgebase Websites

Wiki websites are informative content sites. They usually contain a catalog of data. The data can be about any and every topic. The most widely used wiki website is Wikipedia.

Wiki website uses a server program named Wiki. HTML knowledge is not needed to use wiki programs. Further, contributors can also review edit history and preview changes.

Knowledgebase Websites is similar to wiki sites in the sense that they contain a collection of article on a particular topic. For instance, Apple has a support website where you can search any queries related to Apple products.


8. Portfolio Websites

Website that shows a collection of a company’s or an individual’s works are known as portfolio websites.

Having a portfolio website is useful to showcase your projects, case studies, and services. In addition, it helps to express one’s personality, experience, and capability.

The difference between a portfolio and a company website is portfolio sites only shows the work done by a company while company sites can show information related to the company.

Portfolio Websites
Portfolio Websites

9. Educational Websites

Educational websites includes video tutorials, questionnaires, and other resources that help in learning and act as a supplement to classroom teaching.

Such websites can have both free and premium options. Moreover, educational website can also have niche training instructions related to a particular topic.

Websites such as edx, Academic Earth, and Bigthink have courses on a variety of topics. Similarly, Udemy and Lynda are primarily focused on technology, business, and skill development videos.

Our free online DOCS provides tutorials related to Graphics Design, Web Design, and Development.


10. News and Magazine sites

As the names suggest, these sites are used to share news and current events. News websites are updated frequently and needs a team of web experts to run and update content.

News and Magazine sites can provide both free and premium content. Text, images, and videos are the most popular content shares in such sites. Both Newspapers and TV or radio news channels can have their own websites.

Washington Post, New York Times, The Sun and Daily Mail are popular news channel. Similarly, GQ, Time, and National Geographic are popular magazine websites.

News and Magazine sites
News and Magazine sites

11. Crowdfunding, Nonprofit, Donation Sites

Crowdfunding websites are used to raise small amounts of money from a large number of people online to support various projects o ventures. For instance, raising 1$ each from millions of people to help in medical research is crowd funding.

The benefits of crowdfunding online is the large pool of individual source for greater reach and exposure. In addition, it is also a efficient method since you can centralize and streamline your funding efforts.

Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Causes, Patreon, and GoFundMe are all excellent crowdfunding websites.


12. Portal and Directory Websites

Portal and Directory websites are online catalog or list of websites and information. It can be a list of services such as hotels and schools information. Likewise, it can also be a list of information such as phone numbers and emails.

BOTW, About Us, Spoke are good Portal websites. Yelp is a food and restaurant listing site.

There are also several specialized review websites where people can share their review about business. Websites like TrustPilot and GlassDoor are good review websites.


13. Employment Websites

Websites that have employment deals and jobs listings are known as employment websites.

These types of websites are designed to allow employers to post their requirements and job seekers can reply to them with their portfolios.

CareerBuilder, Dice, and Indeed are some popular job listing websites.

Employment Websites
Employment Websites

14. Government Websites

As the name suggests government websites are run by local or central government of a region. Such websites contain key information, policies, and updates of different departments and bodies run by the Government.

In general, government websites of every region has a fixed TLD. For example, all government websites of USA have .gov TLD and India has TLD.

Government websites usually follow a fixed guidelines. Here are the guidelines followed by the websites of the Indian Government.


15. Landing Pages

Landing Page aren’t a complete website. Rather they are standalone pages created separately from the main website specifically for marketing or advertising campaigns.

These are also referred as- Lead Capture Page, Static Page, or Destination page and are created with a single goal in mind.

One website can have multiple landing pages for different products or services and are changed frequently.

Shopify, AirBNB, and Webflow have well designed and functional landing pages.


16. Coupon and Affiliate Websites

These are online marketing websites and earn money by providing users with attractive deals for other products and services.

Coupon and affiliate websites are also useful to attract customers to newer brands by providing discounts and free offers.

WikiBuy, Swagbucks, Amazon Coupons, and Freecharge are some popular coupon sites.


17. SaaS Websites

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. These types of websites provide various online services to their customers.

Few examples of SaaS are- Image Sharing, File Hosting, Emails, CRMs, Cloud Accounting, Web Analytics etc.

Here are some good examples of beautifully designed SaaS sites.


18. Gaming Websites

Online games have become very popular and with it are gaming sites. Gaming websites can either have online games playable directly in the web browser or have the functionality to stream games.

Steam is a very popular gaming site. Here you can also purchase games. Similarly, Twitch is a very popular streaming website.


In addition to the types of Websites already mentioned above, there can also be various other types of websites, such as:

  • Gambling Websites– Websites dedicated to online gambling.
  • Humor Site– Website containing jokes, satires, parodies etc.
  • Torrent Sites– Websites that index .torrent files.
  • Search Engines– Websites that indexes content on the internet such as Google.
  • Archive Sites– Websites that archives old websites. Eg-
  • Celebrity Website– Website containing information of a celebrity.
  • Religious Website– Sites that promote a religious place or belief.
  • Mirror Site– A website that replicates another site.
  • Warez Sites– Websites that have links to music, movies, software etc for download.
  • Political Websites– Websites dedicated to a Political party or belief.


As the internet grows, so does the types of websites. There are other various new types of websites that pop up all over the Internet daily.

It is indeed interesting to design and build new types of website and reach newer standards.

Interested in learning some interesting facts about website Design, here are 20 Website Design facts You Probably Didn’t Know About.

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