Guide: Finding a Web Design and Development job near Habra

finding a web design and development job near habra

With the rise of internet users in the last couple of years, website Design in Habra has grown.

We know that jobs in Habra have become scarce. There aren’t many big companies in our area and Government jobs are hard to get into. Fortunately, there are an abundance of graphic design, website design and development jobs around Habra.

Different companies have different web design and development jobs which includes planning a design, making wireframe and mockups, creating beautiful modern websites, and adding functionalities to the website that people use every day.

What is Web Design and Development: a brief intro

Website or Web Design and Development is the process to build creative and functional websites. Job of a web designer is to design the overall vision and elements of a website. A Web Developer brings functionality and usability to the website.

Web Designers vs Web Developers

Web Designers are heavily involved with the visual layout and site components of a website. They need to understand color theory, typography, layout, shapes, branding and flow of information. They need to be good in graphics design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign etc.

Web Developers turns the visual elements designed by a designer and turns it into a functional interactive website. They work closely with decision makers to understand client requirements to create the overall journey of a user.

Web Developers are divided into 2 categories: Front-End Web Developer and Back-End Web Developer. Both front and back end Developers uses coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL etc. Along with them there are hundreds of other tools, libraries and frameworks that come in handy during website Development.

Many companies usually uses the words Web Designer and Developer interchangeably so please read through the job descriptions before applying for the position.

Where to apply for Web Design and Development job

Now that we have a brief understanding of who a Web Designer and Developer is, lets see how to find a job near Habra.

1. Get into a Web Design Institute

Various Website Design Institutes in and around Habra provides 100% job Placement assistance on admission. If you become quite good at website design, these institutes will give you recommendations on how to join a company after completing your course. Although there are many institutes teaching Website Design, please make sure that they provide job placement assistance before joining.

We at Learn Computer Academy also provide job placement assistance to all our students and many of our students are working as web designers and developers in Kolkata, Barasat, Chandpara, Habra, Gobardanga and many other places.

2. Applying on Job portals

There are various online job portals from where you can find web design jobs near Habra. Here are some of them.

screenshot of website
Screenshot of claims to be India’s No 1 job site. They are one of India’s largest job listing website. To search for jobs near Habra, go to and create a free account. Upload your CV in the site. If you activate your email notifications, Naukri will email you with regular updates on new jobs that matches your requirements. Alternatively, you can also use the search bar to enter your skills, location and salery expectancy and you can get jobs near Habra, Barasat or Kolkata. search bar
Search bar in
Screenshot of
Screenshot of

Indeed claims to be the Number 1 job site in the world. It is mainly an American company providing job listing and is also very popular in India. You can create a free account here and submit your CV as well.

To search for jobs near Habra, go to and enter web design or web development in their search bar. Enter the location as Habra and you can find web jobs around the Habra area. You can also create an account here and receive email notifications of recent jobs posted. search bar search bar
Quikr Jobs Screenshot
Quikr Jobs Screenshot

This is primarily a classified listing site but they also have a very active jobs listing section. You can go to to look for jobs. The process of searching jobs is similar to Naukri and There are lots of web design and development jobs in and around Habra here and you can select from the types of requirements they are looking for and salaries they are offering.

There are many other popular job listing websites where you can submit your resumes and get job alerts for free. Here are some of the popular ones

3. Join local Facebook Groups

There are several Local groups in Facebook. These groups also have job boards. You can sell your services here. In addition, these groups also helps in networking with locals.

To get Started, here are some popular local groups

4. Become a Freelancer

You can also become a freelance web designer but keep in mind that you will need some real world working experience . For freelance work, your know-how, proficiency and portfolio are more important than a degree you have.

You also need to have a network of people to whom you can sell your skills. For example you know quite a few people in the real-estate business, you can build websites for them, make a portfolio on real-estate and get more clients. Freelancing is also possible online and some of the popular freelancing websites are

5. Sell website templates and stock graphics

Templates are always needed by small web design companies. While many business owners might not be able to afford a professional website designer and developer, they can find cheap and beautifully made websites in template website.

You can sell one copy of your website to multiple business owners since templates are resold. You will receive continuous profits from work done only once. Some of the popular websites where you can sell your web design templates are:

6. Reach Out to Local Small Businesses

Most small and big businesses in Habra don’t have their own website.

With the rise of internet use in India and the growth of digital India initiative, people are getting habituated to use internet for daily tasks such as shopping, studying, ordering food, booking train tickets etc. You can make websites for businesses and interested people in Habra who want to sell their products online or showcase their services.

I’ll leave you with a few other useful pieces of information that will be useful for you while finding a web design and development job near Habra

  • Find and build your Niche. Clients pay for very specialized works.
  • Always keep learning. Keep pushing yourself for something new.
  • Find ways to practice your skills.
  • And at last be persistent, hang in there, love what you do and you will surely taste success. BEST OF LUCK!

Contact us to learn Graphics Design, Website Design and Development in Habra.

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