Simple tricks to learn Web Design with no internet

Although Web Design is all about online things, it is still possible to learn Web Design with no internet.

Internet availability is still a major concern in many developing countries. Similarly, Remote locations, high internet prices, rural areas, violent regions, state censorship, are some common reasons of having no internet access.

So lets see some simple tricks and hacks to use for learning web design if you have no internet or very limited internet.

1. Join a web Design Institute

Most of our students’ lives in rural areas with very limited internet access. This is one of the reason we wrote this article.

Web design institute like ours always has good internet access and students can take advantage of high-speed internet there. In addition, you get the added benefit of learning web design from professionals.

Frequently web design institutes also provide free practice sessions where you can practice your skills outside of your regular class timings.

2. Tools to learn Web Design

Most of the tools used in Website Design are available offline for free.

Download and install these tools whenever you have a good internet connection and then you can use it with no internet connections.

Here is a list of tools that you can download and install now to get started.

Tools to learn Web Design
Tools to learn Web Design

3. Offline Desktop Apps

There are several desktop and browser apps that can help you learn web design. These apps provide documentation for web design and many other programming languages.

Some popular desktop apps to use offline are

Download and install these Apps whenever you have an internet connection and use them whenever you don’t have any. Remember to check the apps whether they are working before going offline.

4. Graphics Design Tools

Any website design starts with a graphic design or prototyping tool.

Photoshop is a wonderful graphics design and web design tool. It has been the industry standard for several years and rightfully deserves it.

Although Photoshop is a good tool, it is not free. In addition, it requires an active internet connection to operate it. However, Adobe offers offline grace period of one month +99 days for its creative cloud members. Therefore, if you have partial internet connections, you can validate your subscription anytime in 99 days.

On the other hand, if you want to use a completely free design tool that works offline, with no subscriptions try GIMP. It is a cross-platform Image editor suitable for use as a graphic design and prototyping tool.

Graphics Design Tools- photoshop and gimp
Graphics Design Tools- Photoshop and Gimp

5. Downloading YouTube Tutorials

Rise of YouTube tutorial videos have helped me and other web designers to learn new topics from the comfort of our chair. However, YouTube isn’t available offline.

That being said, there are several YouTube video downloader that you can use to your benefit.

If you live in an area where the internet connection is poor, visit your local internet cafe or a place where you can get good internet. Download a bunch of tutorials and keep it in your device.

However, remember that downloading videos from YouTube isn’t legal, and it also harms creators. Remember to give a comment to the creator explaining your situation and I am sure he/she will understand.

To download YouTube videos legally, use their premium service.

6. Buy Web Design Books

One of the best ways for learning web design is through books. Although, web design is best learnt with online resources, books are very helpful for people learning web design with no internet.

There are also several e-books available which are easy to carry in your mobile or laptop devices and are cheaper than traditional books.

Lets have a look at some popular paid web design books.

Along with these paid books, there are several free web design e-books that you can look for in the internet.

web design books
web design books

7. Offline Mobile Apps

Android and iOS are miracles of 21st century. For instance, app marketplace has lots of very useful applications that come in handy for web designers and developers.

Google has Play Store and Apple has App Store where you can search for offline web design apps and keep it in your mobile. These apps will definitely come in handy when you have no internet.

Offline Mobile Apps
Offline Mobile Apps


With the simple tricks mentioned above, you can learn website design with no internet. However, remember that Web Design is best learnt when internet is available.

The most important thing to understand about web design is, it is a production-driven skill. In other words, the more you practice it the more it will become clear to you.

All the tools and tutorials in the world can’t substitute your determination and effort you are willing to put in. In conclusion, If you want to become a successful web designer, you definitely find ways and means to learn and practice it, no matter what problems you face.

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Rahul Nandi

So I can learn it by myself at home?

D. Day

To the point writing. Got all the essential information. Let us know about Typography and Design tools.

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